“Thank you for helping me clean the ocean in my small corner of the world”

About Us - Dapu Fishing Lures, Ltd.

Dapu Fishing Lures created topwater lures that use recycled ocean plastics that come from the massive commercial fishing nets that have been damaged, discarded, and/or have broken loose and spread across the Pacific Ocean. The plastic floats break loose from the nets and continue to float in the ocean for days, weeks, and likely even months or years until Hand made plastic recycled ocean luresthey are cast upon the shore during typhoons or just by the everyday rise of the tides and currents. These unique “lure blanks” are personally collected by hand amongst the massive piles and buildups of ocean debris cast upon the shores of Taiwan. So, designed to float for heavy duty commercial use – now repurposed and designed for heavy duty fishing.

The lures are indeed heavy duty in every regard. Each lure is about 133 mm in length and can easily be cast “a country mile” or gently tossed into open water pockets or tight spots whenever needed.

Cast, twitch, twitch – BAMN!!!! Cast, rip, rip – KA-POW!!!! Cast, steady retrieve – SMASH!!!!

The materials are of the highest quality and durability: plastic blanks designed specifically to float and support heavy commercial fishing nets; the highest quality Hand made plastic recycled ocean luresautomotive paint and hard, clearcoat finish (MaxMeyer); mega-strong, Size 3/0 VMC treble hooks; stainless steel 1.5 or 1.6 mm through – wire shafts; and powerful split rings and barrel swivel. Great for both salt and fresh water. Largemouth bass, giant peacock bass, giant snakehead, stripers, and a host of other species that strike topwater baits are waiting. Set the hook – and your fish ain’t going nowhere but in the net!

“Thank you for helping me clean the ocean in my small corner of the world” – Professor David


RTI Radio Taiwan International: A designer of fishing lures